Gardens's are amazing spaces.  A retreat from modern day pressures where we can relax, cultivate, entertain and play. They not only have a truly positive impact on our health and well being, but also benefit the environment and support our local wildlife.


At Fuse Garden Design, I work with our clients and strive to design and create unique personal places, where unity allows for the garden to become an integral part of the home. 


I am a designer based in Herts/North London, but not restricted to locality and offer both Garden and Planting Design services. Successful design requires an awareness of the needs of the client, attention to detail, an understanding of the site and selection of the right plant for the right place.


I also offer an option to improve an existing garden or part of one. There may be occasions where you are happy with the overall design of you garden but may have identfied a border in need of refreshing or a section that requires a restyle. The aim of this service is to develop a garden over a period of time.




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