Stage 1 - Initial Consultation


We will meet for the first time and discuss  what it is you seek to achieve, how you would like to use your garden, what features you would like and identify a style that perhaps compliments you, your home and the location. It a great time for me to have a look around the existing garden and take some notes. I will advise you on the services we can offer and of the relevent fees, so that you know where you stand right from the start.


After the meeting you will receive a design brief and a quotation for the design work requested. The quote will clearly document the process, including a breakdown of the fees and the stages at which they are due.


Stage 2 - Survey and Site assessment


Once the brief is agreed a site assessment will be completed. We will take photos and a report will identify the areas that receive sun or shade, micro climates within the garden, soil conditions, drainage issues and rain shadows. The garden may be overlooked and need to be screened for example.  A scaled survey drawing is also produced  and details levels, position of existing trees, areas to remain unchanged and services. For large or complex sites this will be completed by a recommended professional survey company.  


Stage 3 - Presentation Plan


A 2d draft plan drawn to scale will be produced of the proposed design. We will meet again to discuss the proposal and make any necessary amendments. A final plan will then be drawn up.


Stage 4 -  Planting Plan


This a vital stage of the process. Planting brings life to a garden.  It is imperative that the  we choose the right plant for the right place. To achieve this we will consider: soil condintions, aspect, climate, wildlife, style, balance, texture, form, seasonal colour and interest. It is also relevent to note what grows well locally and the plants/trees that border the property. In more rural situations inspiration may be drawn from the surrounding landscape.


Before completing the plan i also like to identfiy plants that you may like or dislike. The scale plan, identifies the plants to be used, the numbers and positions. 


Stage 5 -  Construction Drawings


There may be a need to complete additional drawings to outline the materials used and detail the methods of construction for specific features.This can be discussed during the process.


Stage 6 -  Tendering


There will be occasions when you may already have a landscaper that you are happy to instruct. We can also make recommendations. On the other hand we can complete a full specification document that will enable landscapers to provide quotes based on the one report and ensure that there is an open and transparent process.


Stage 7- Planting


We select plants from specialist quality nurseries and will plant them according to the plan. We also offer a service to source materials and features.




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