We also offer a planting only service.


It may be that you do not need your garden redesigned, but feel the planting or a section of it section is in need of a change or refresh.


Stage 1 - Consultation


Similar to the design process, we would have a consultation in order to discuss a brief.


Stage 2 - Site Assessment


A site assessment would take place  and measurements would be need to be taken of the areas to be planted.


Stage 3 - Planting Plan


Planting brings life to garden.  It is imperative that  the  we choose the right plant for the right place. To achieve this we will consider: soil condintions, aspect, climate, wildlife, style, balance, texture, form, seasonal colour and interest. It is also relevent to note what grows well locally and the plants/trees that border the property. In more rural situations inspiration may be drawn from the surrounding landscape.


Before completing the plan I also like to identfiy plants that you may like or dislike and note the existing plants that you want to keep.     The scale plan, identifies the plants to be used, the numbers and the positioning. 


Stage 4 - Planting


We select and supply plants from specialist quality nurseries at competitive prices and plant them in accordance to the plan.


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